Kayaking the Kharaa River - 2 days

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nomad landscape
Kayaking Tuul River

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Herd by the River Mongolia
Kayaking Kharaa River

Join us and discover the untouched beauty of Mongolia in short distance from Ulaanbaatar on a weekend gateway by train. Share train carriages with locals, spend the night in Mongolian ger. Get a front-row seat for some of the country’s beautiful landscapes, paddle along the banks through peaceful rolling hills and mountains and observe nomads hands full with large number of herds. In summer time nomads come down from mountains to lower land mostly close to rivers and water source to graze their cattle.

You can as well cycle up to mountains to get breath-taking and amazing view of surrounding.


Mongolia has many beautiful freshwater lakes and rivers. Some of the world’s major rivers originate in Mongolia such as Selenge River, Yenisei and Irtysh. Most of Mongolia’s rivers are spread across the northern part of the country, where the river system is also most extensive.

The Kharaa River Basin is one of the main tributaries of the Orkhon-Selenge River system. The Orkhon River originates in the Khangai Mountains in Central Mongolia and flows northwards for 1,124 km before joining the Selenge River, which then empties into Lake Baikal.

The Selenge River is the largest river by volume of flow. The river drains into Lake Baikal in Siberia and is 992 km long, of which 593 km flows through Mongolian territory.


Train to Tunkhel, Kharaa River

Take local train from bustling Ulaanbaatar train station at 10.45 am. Ride the rail for 3 hours and blend in with locals. Arrive in Tunkhel village at 14pm and transfer to your gers. Settle in your ger and have a lunch.

After lunch start paddling the Kharaa river till evening. Enjoy the sunset in perfect Mongolian peace and in emptiness. Mongolia is the least densely populated country of the world.

At dinner: over hot stone cooked Mongolian traditional barbeque and chat with nomads under millions of stars by camp fire.

Train Mongolia
Kayaking in Grassland Mongolia

Kharaa River & train back to Ulaanbaatar

We have full day kayaking adventure. Those who want to explore more of the region and want to take in amazing view from higher mountains, cycling option is open.

Later in the afternoon, we will take our train back to Ulaanbaatar.



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