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Mongolia is famous for its countless rivers and lakes making it the perfect destination for canoeing adventures. Sit back in your boat and explore Mongolia’s vast wilderness while paddling on tranquil rivers. Adventure seekers will also not be disappointed as exciting white water journeys on the wildest West Mongolian rivers await. ​

All tours feature an experienced guide who will assist you with gear, technique and information about the area you visit. No experience is necessary on our tours. Whatever your experience level, we have got the tour for you. Choose to combine canoeing with your favorite activities: trekking, mountain biking, camel and horseback riding , wildlife watching and many more… Go rafting, Mongolian style. ​



Kayaking the Kharaa river
(2 days)

On our kayaking the Kharaa river tour join us and discover the untouched beauty of Mongolia in short distance from Ulaanbaatar on a weekend gateway by train.

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Canoeing the tuul river
(4 days)

Paddle a canoe on Tuul River from Khentii Mountains to Terelj National Park and enjoy the sights of densely grown bushes, green meadows, rocky hillsides and grazing herds and nomad settlements along the river bank.

Canoeing Tour Mongolia

kayaking the orkhon river
(6 days)

Orkhon is the longest river starts from the loop of Khangai Mountains passing through Orkhon Valley and Karakorum, even much further. Discover these unique and historically rich places at your own pace on this kayaking trip.

Canoeing the Orkhon Canyons

canoeing the orkhon canyons
(9 days)

Come and discover the UNESCO listed word heritage Orkhon valley by canoe and kayak on Orkhon river. The valley has numerous archaeological sites dating back to 6th century as well site of Karakorum, capital of Genghis Khan during Mongol Empire.

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kayaking the egiin river
(11 days)

Explore the northern Mongolia on a canoe adventure by challenging yourself on Egiin River. Visit nomad families, admire the natural beauty of Khovsgol Lake and explore the least traveled river and region. Our tour has a mix of both adventure and cultural aspects of Mongolian nomad lifestyle.

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Canoeing the Orkhon River
Canoeing & Kayaking Mongolia
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