Canoeing the Egiin River
(11 days)

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Canoeing the Egiin River

Explore the northern Mongolia on a canoe adventure by challenging yourself on Egiin River. Visit nomad families, admire the natural beauty of Khovsgol Lake and explore the least traveled river and region. Our tour has a mix of both adventure and cultural aspects.

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Detailed description


Moron, Khovsgol Lake

We will fly from Ulaanbaatar to Moron, the capital of Khovsgol province. Depending on the time of arrival, we will either spend the night here or continue driving north to Khatgal village. The Khovsgol Lake is Mongolia’s blue jewel. It’s a massive 2.760 square km alpine lake (130 km long and 40 km wide) surrounded by 2.000-meter-high mountain chains, dense pine woods, and beautiful meadows with grazing yaks and horses. The lake receives crystal clean water from around 100 tiny rivers and streams. Only one river, the Egiin, drains the lake, and its waters finally join Baikal Lake. 

Did you know? About 1.5 percent of the world’s fresh water is held in the lake. The lake and rivers are home to a dozen different fish species. 

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Khovsgol Lake

We’ll spend the entire day touring the lakeside and mountains surrounding it. Horseback riding, visiting reindeer families, hiking, and canoeing will be available to those who are interested (if weather permits). Tsaatan, or Dukha, is one of the world’s few remaining reindeer herders. Shamanism, an ancestral spiritual practice rooted in nature worship, guides their unique way of life, which is centered and structured around reindeer.

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Our starting point will be directly across the street from Khatgal village. We will paddle on the Egiin River, which is carved out by gorgeous little gorges and winds through fertile valleys surrounded by utter wildness, rich in wild flora and species. Because of the river’s importance as a water source in the region, many nomads come to reside with their herd alongside it throughout the summer. We’ll have the opportunity to meet and spend an evening with a nomad family. A Mongolian BBQ cooked over hot stones will be served for dinner. The native drink “Airag,” made from fermented mare’s milk, is a must-try. Our backup team and vehicle can be joined by radio from a neighboring place if necessary.

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Erdenbulgan village

The most eastern and isolated village in Khovsgol province has been forgotten by time due to its remote position. Many locals do not expect visitors. We’ll spend the day lounging by the river, swimming, fishing, and swimming before getting ready to head back to Ulaanbaatar.

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We’ll stop at the Uushig Deer Stone complex on the way back to Moron to see evidence of prehistoric people’s art in the form of deer stones and burial mounds.

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Flight back to Ulaanbaatar

On our last day we’ll fly back to Ulaanbaatar. You can use your free time in the late afternoon to explore the capital. The wonderful cultural entertainment is not to be missed. You may appreciate the colorful and rhythmic Mongolian dance and throat singing and observe some of the best contortionists


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June 2024