Kayaking - Canoeing in Mongolia


Discover and travel Mongolia by kayaking and canoeing its rivers. Kayak, Canoe and pontoon from the Mongolian Alpine whitewater Lakes to the Mongolian Gobi Desert. Great kayaks and canoes tour, trips and travel on the Mongolian sweatwater rivers.
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Discover Mongolia by Sailing its Rivers

Kayaking & Canoeing from the Alpine Lakes to the Gobi Desert


Mongolia, know for its untouched nature and natural beauties, is one of the last remaining countries where the river water is that pure that one can just drink it.

If there is a country on this world where kayak and canoe fans must sail the waters, it is Mongolia. Imagine canoeing or kayaking on rivers surrounded by rolling hills or drifting along the slower and faster rivers of Central Mongolia. Imagine canoeing or kayaking through the desert. The experts can try the rapids of Western Mongolia and the romantics can sail unsupported for several days with our pontoon boats on the open wide rivers of eastern Mongolia. Ever heard of Desert sailing? Why not try our exceptional canoeing - kayaking tour by sailing a river that crosses the Gobi Desert.

Overnight along the river in a Mongolian nomad family.

Those who just want to try kayaking or canoeing, or don't have too much time can spend a day sailing de Tuul River close to Ulaanbaatar.

Join us in our Mongolian canoeing - kayaking trips for a once in a lifetime experience.

We guarantee great fun and great sport. The traveller has to be aware that travelling in an unorganised and infrastructure free country needs a lot of flexibility, especially on such an adventurous travel.


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